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12 Reasons to Take Your Dog to
Richmond Hill Pet Grooming Studio

  • All breed pet grooming is the only service we offer and that’s where we excel. No retail, no dog daycare, no dog training, no kennel boarding.
  • That’s the reason we can groom your pet in a clean and spacious stress-free studio - quiet relaxing environment, no bad odor, no contact with other dogs (they greet each other though)
  • We provide trendy styles varying from the elegant best-in-shows to the low maintainance trim and just tidy-ups. Have it your way at Pet Grooming Studio.
  • Scissor work is our speciality. You will seldom get “shave off surprise” here!
  • Pet Teeth Brushing service is available
  • Express Groomingis available ( finish in just two hours !) You can have your dog done while shopping and pick him / her up right after it.
  • Open Saturdays!! (make sure to make an appointment a week in advance. This is our busiest day )
  • Conveniently located in the shopping plaza and has a lot of parking space. No more worries to find a parking spot.
  • Recommended by many veterinarians
  • Staff are Pet-First-Aid certified.
  • Novice Groomer Rates are available. Have your dog groomed more often while saving you money!

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