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Grooming Service Fee

Grooming fee depends on the hair condition, styling and the size of dog.
(We don't take a dog larger than 80Lb.)
 Call us for a price-check.  905-883-9456

(Shitzu, etc.)
(Cocker etc.)
Large (50Lb
up to 80Lb)
Bath & Tidy up (including: nail clipping,ear cleaning,bath, dry, pads, and rounding feet) $43 and up $53 and up $88 and up
Full Short Clip (includs: Bath & Tidy-up, and short clip) $58 and up $68 and up $103 and up
Hand Scissor Trim ( more than 1-inch left on the dog) $68 and up $83 and up $123 and up
+ GST We accept major credit cards and debit card

Additional Service

  • Making poodle feet $5 -$10 extra
  • Extracting anal glands $5 - $10 extra
  • Nail grinding $5 - $7 extra
  • Flea Shampooing $5 -10 extra
  • Hypoallergenic Shampooing $5 - $10 extra
  • Dematting $5 for every 15 minutes
  • Express Grooming $10 extra ( finish in two hours, available for small dogs, and weekdays only / need an appointment)
  • Teeth Brushing Service ------ $10 extra
  • ​We do also Pet Coloring  for your everyday special occasions ------ $25 & up
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Get 10% Off Your Next Groom!!

Once you have your pet groomed at our shop, pre-book your next grooming apppintment within 6 weeks. Keep that appointment and get 10% off on that groom.

That way you can keep your pet looking and feeling great.

Rules and restrictions apply. Cannot be combined with other offers or discount. Please ask our staff for further details

Shop Hours:

Tuesday to Friday: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Saturday 9:00 am to 3:00pm

(You can drop your pet here from 8:30 am. [need an appointment] We take your dog out for walks a few times during the day and give him / her ample fresh water and treats with no extra charges )

Please note that any service that endangers your pet and groomer will not be accepted.
All grooming services are subject to the groomer's discretion.

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Novice Grooming Service

We offer Novice Groomer Grooming Service

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